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Reminiscing on My Children as... Children

This was originally posted in 2013. Four of my five children are now legally adults, so I'm going to change the "nicknames" I made for them to their actual names now, with the exception of my youngest, who goes by Ghost anyway, so I'll use that name here for them.

Here are their ages at the time of the original post, and now:

Cisily ~ 16 / 26

Emily ~ 15 / 25

Aurelius ~ 12 / 21

Conrad ~ 9 / 18

Ghost ~ 6 / 15

I think they may get a kick out of these too. It was fun to revisit for me, for sure! ______________________________________________

I would like to submit for your approval (and some giggles), a few choice quotes that float around the air here at Casa Crichton on a daily basis as Mom sits at her computer trying to work...

Conrad: "Can The Doctor fly? (AKA Dr. Who) I bet I can! I need a normal screwdriver, though, cuz my window's really hard to open."

Ghost: "When I grow up, I'm going to be a spy at night and a teacher during the day!" Aurelius: "When will you sleep?" Ghost: "Duh. When I'm 36!"

Emily: "Excuse me while I go find my dignity."

Me: "Hi. How was your day?" Aurelius: "I'm bloating and I gotta go potty. How was your day?"

Emily: "Why is there PANCAKE BATTER in my COMBAT BOOTS?"

Ghost: "I already swept (a-tiny-toilet-paper-square area). It's Conrad's turn!" Conrad: "Mom told YOU to sweep, not me!" Ghost: "Nu-uh. You sweep (this tiny area) and I sweep (this other tiny area). Mom said!" Conrad and Ghost: "MOOOOOOOOOM!"

Cisily: "I'll be in high school until I'm OOOOLD!"

Aurelius: "I'm going to blow up... then explode."

Conrad: "That's some bukly, BULGY baby!"

Ghost: "Since poop is stuff you already ate, you can eat it again, right?"

... and my personal favorite:


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