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Literal Lyrics

Guess the song!

Go outside. It's foggy. It's hard to see anything including you. But the sky is clear. It's easier to see when you look up. How can the fog be here and not there? It's like there's a big gray area between them.

I walk through the fog and think a lot about myself. But I have no idea what I'm thinking, really.

I visit my friend Maria. She's sad. I don't know why.

[Chorus:] Our town is pretty straight-laced. But I know it's not really that great.

My friend moved here from a bigger city. She thought things would be fictional here. She likes the ocean. It reminds her of the circus.

She drives to my house sometimes and gets naked. Then she talks about religion. She's probably nuts, but she knows it. Normal people make her nervous.

[Chorus:] We're trying to find our place in our town but nobody is different here. So we talk all big, but we never do anything about it. She's thinking of moving away.

The kids here should move away as fast as they can if they have hopes and dreams. Because they'll be stuck here if they don't.

Maria says I'm nuts. She says she knows she is, too. But then she does something smart like telling me to leave this place. She says, "we'll be crushed here". Then she gets nuts again and talks about jumping off buildings. Because she's bored. She must really be bored.

[Chorus:] In our town, I'm always thinking about her. But I know there's plenty of time. Our town is peaceful and perfect, and so are we. The darkness at night covers up our imperfections.

It's so dark I can't see. I need you to catch me. I'm going to fall. Catch me before I fall on you. I feel pressured to be perfect in our town. I feel pressured to be quiet in our town. I'm blind in our town.

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