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  • What kinds of books does Jessica Crichton write?
    Jessica writes middle grade speculative fiction chapter books for ages 7-12. Speculative fiction, which Jessica likes to call "obviously fiction", includes the genres of fantasy, science fiction, horror, steampunk, and the like.
  • My kid LOVES a particular book from Jessica. Will it become a series?
    Jessica loves writing series. Chances are if a book has no other titles currently set in its universe, it will soon enough. And if you or your children are fans of a particular title, please feel free to let her know!
  • Who is Jessica's illustrator?
    Jessica Suzanne illustrated Jessica Crichton's "Guts and Glory" books, however she has since gone quiet online and there is currently no known way to contact her. Jessica herself illustrated "Tipani Walker and the Nightmare Knot", as well as designed and illustrated all of her own current covers.
  • Where are Books 2 and 3 of "Guts and Glory"?
    Book 2, "The Counterfeit Zombies of Noc", will be available soon! Jessica has had to remove it from circulation for important revisions so that it flows better with Book 3, "The Diminutive Defenders of Noc", which is also in the works. Book 1, "Dr. Fixit's Malicious Machine", also went through these revisions, and is now available once more in its far better format. Jessica apologizes that it is taking some time to finalize the trilogy, however she wants the books to be their very best for you! For now, please feel free to keep up to date with her progress on the series through her Facebook page.
  • What are Jessica's credentials?
    Jessica is a mother of five, holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults, and has taught creative writing, composition, and filmmaking to grades 5 through college. She has been making up stories pretty much her whole life, though her official career began at the age of 14 when she was published for the first time in her local newspaper.
  • Does Jessica do school visits?
    Absolutely! If you are interested in Jessica visiting your school, contact her at to set up the deets!
  • Is Jessica on Social Media?
    YES! Jessica spends most of her social media time on her Facebook page, where she posts her updates along with fun memes and other ramblings. She also has a presence on both YouTube and TikTok, but she doesn't spend a lot of time on these platforms. She does not use Twitter or Instagram, mainly because she's already quite busy with actually writing her books! 😁
  • Where can I find Jessica's books online?
    Jessica's books are available on Amazon here. Thank you for checking them out!
  • Are Jessica's books available at my local bookstore?
    While they are not mass distributed to bookstores, Jessica's books are available through distributors which your local bookstore can order from. Just ask them to order some titles in, and they'll be there!
  • Are Jessica's books availabe at my local library?
    Just fill out a request form through your library and they can order Jessica's books in, easy-peasy!
  • Who is Jessica's publisher?
    Jessica publishes her own books for many reasons, first and foremost being the creative freedom to write her weirdest. However she highly encourages all parents to review any books they buy for their kids, including her own, to make sure they are comfortable with their children reading them. If parents have any questions or concerns beyond this review processes or otherwise, they are also welcome to contact Jessica at and she will answer whatever she can.
  • Does Jessica do Collaborations?
    Jessica has done one collaboration to date, as an illustrator for "Brewster Bunny and the Case of the Purloined Pachyderm of Oz" by Marin Elizabeth Xiques and Chris Dulabone, under the pseudonym of J.C. Lynn. However, this was many years ago, and Jessica has as yet never collaborated as an author. This does not mean she would not consider it if the right offer came along, but please keep in mind that she only writes children's fiction chapter books when considering her for your collaboration. If your story is for children, please do feel free to contact her here or by direct email at with your ideas; she'd love to see them, and possibly work with you too!
  • I have a question not answered here. How do I learn more?
    Email Jessica at, chat with her here, or contact her on social media to ask whatever you need to know!
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