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Trevor and Tabitha Tate have no idea what they're getting into when they decide to follow their momnapped mother down the bathtub drain, into the post-apocalyptic city of Nil.

There, they’ll have to dodge dizzy buzzbots, mow down mechanical dragons, and befriend…ish behemoth roaches with cutesy pet names, and that’s just the beginning! Luckily for the twins, the superkids of Nil think they’re the legendary heroes Guts and Glory, so they’re all about helping them save their mo—  


                                          take down their mortal enemies, the Teens..?


Join twin heroes Guts and Glory as they blaze across the post-apocalyptic landscape of Nil with their best friend Books and his loyal spiderbot Echo, kicking bots and making names for themselves as the true heroes they never knew they could be.

Tipani Walker's nightmare is real.

In fact, The Spoon Man has already trapped her mother among his tarry tentacles, and if he has his way, Tipani will be next. But what the foul phantasm doesn't know is that his latest prey is no ordinary girl. Infused with the ancient magic of a Weaver, Tipani has the power to move through the ever-shifting twin knots of Day and Night, the only place where nightmares can truly be defeated…

…and where they have the most power.

Luckily for Tipani, she won
t have to fight alone. Along the way, a knot-obsessed faerie, the girliest girl in the world, and a doll named Chicken, will each add their own force to the fight.

But will it all be enough to conquer Tipani
s nightmare before her mothers curse becomes her own?

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